Saigon Industrial Company is proud to provide services and solutions for high-end industrial hygiene. With 8 years of experience as one of the leading companies in the field provided: industrial hygiene services & distributor of industrial cleaning equipment 
Through technology solutions and optimization services, Saigon Industrial Co. wants to create a clean and green environment, health guarantee, and feeling truly relaxed, thereby contributing to increased labor productivity. 
To ensure a healthy work environment clean, airy and modern. With the method of providing services with reasonable prices, professional staff skilled plus specialized machinery and equipment modernization, CNSG always ready to meet all your needs for clean fresh customers. 
With strong financial strength, CNSG absolute commitment to ensure the physical benefits to customers. 
Saigon Industrial Company is providing sanitation services for projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, and the neighboring provinces.

Become CNSG Company provides premier cleaning service in Vietnam, providing services and solutions to create a professional environment to live and work in healthy, more lush. 
Providing cleaning services to give customers an environment / clean space, to ensure the health, no dust and stains, no odor, no bacteria. 
Helps maintain and extend the life of assets for clients. 
Contribute to brand value to customers. 
Quality of service is always top priority. 
• Dedicating our best to service quality 
• provide a solution quickly in any situation 
• provide low cost and high efficiency. 
Human Responsibilities: 
• Ensure safety and mental health aspects for employees and customers 
• not sacrifice the safety of the employees for the purpose of profit 
• do not use the hazardous material adverse impact on customers and employees. 
Social Responsibility: 
Took the responsibility of improving the living and working environment, contribute to improving the quality of life for the community. 
Our motto is: - To satisfy the diverse needs of customers. 
                                                   - A quick resolution of customer complaints. 
                                                   - Improve service quality continuously. 
                                                   - Creating business value of customers. 
                                                   - Contributing to create living and working environments clean. 
We believe in making our customers happy. 
When required please contact us: 
We are always ready to serve you with teamwork and the highest responsibility. 
Please contact telephone numbers: 0962.16.39.79 or 0906.802.639 (24/24) 
DC: 54/19A Quang Trung Ward 11, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City 
Tel: (08) 22 20 79 68-6289 4086 _ Fax: (08) 62,894,096 
Mr Binh: 0906 802 639 - 0962 16 39 79 
Email: binh@congnghiepsaigon.com 
-Vung Tau: 
Add: 37 Le Loi Street, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau 
Tel: (0643) 835 839 - _ 6 289 4086 fax: (0643) 835 639 
Mr. Pig: 0938 136 639 
Email: hoi@congnghiepsaigon.com 
  www.congnghiepsaigon.com, www.vesinhcongnghiepsg.com 
email: info@congnghiepsaigon.com