Grinding Concrete Floors

Saigon Industrial Company would like to introduce to our customers the service polished concrete floors, concrete floors Grinding services, concrete floor looms, grinding cement seals, ... Perfect. With skilled staff, took over training, along with the systems of machinery, equipment and chemicals imported from Europe. We will give you the best service.

Grinding Process, Create color and polished
Step 1 Prepare tools: Grinding concrete floor, concrete vacuum cleaner / water absorption, chemical spray, wet floor panels, concrete polishing discs seclean head 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, , 800,1500,3000, polishing pad 3M, chemicals, glue anti-crack, and some other necessary tools.
Step 2 Observe the review. If there is abnormal phenomenon immediately notify management or protection projects make a record, then be conducted to make.
Step 3 Clean belongings, obstacles to other places (if any)
Grinding Balls conduct concrete floor
    STEP 1: Using Disk (Phip) grinding head 20, 30,50, 2T-2 HF20 combines with grinder # Vp 16 (6, 12, 16) and suction vacuum cleaner industrial water stains and grind out After the grinding head 20, 30,50, 2T-2 HF20 # for flat concrete floor surfaces.
   STEP 2: Use the hard surface creates chemicals sika cuhart 24 coating and grind concrete. After waiting for about 24 hours to the underworld, chemicals seep into the concrete.
    STEP 3: Spray paint on concrete surface, then wait about 5-10 minutes to dry the surface
   STEP 4: 24h after the government began to use grinding disks 100, 200, 300,3FP-4 with the first number 1000 # to polish.
   STEP 5: Son Logo onto a concrete surface.
   STEP 6: Following the first use of 1,500, 2,000, 3,000 # to hit the ball and make the ball on the smooth surface.
   STEP 7: If you want more, we used floor ball polishing chemicals XY-106 in combination with 3M red pad, scrubber quintal (around 90kg to 120kg) to polish.
Grinding concrete floors, polished concrete flooring works CNSG bring clean, glossy, smooth to detail on the basis of in-depth knowledge in the field of grinding and polishing concrete floors. industrial equipment with the response to every difficulty level of the concrete floor and as well as the quality of the works, gives customers absolute confidence. Not only for floor grinding & polishing extent that our company received waterproofing concrete floor and concrete floor looms
Services Polishing concrete floors, polished concrete floors, polished smooth cement seals, ... CNSG has provided specialized sanitation machines, high-performance and efficient. Thereby minimizing the cost of the service. Create a competitive price.
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