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 Saigon Industrial Company present to service customers polished stone floors, restored marble floors, granite, marble, ... perfectly. With skilled staff, took over training, the system of machines, equipment and chemicals imported from Asia au.Truoc embarking on work we will send people to the actual survey, held catching situation to have an alternative and most appropriate price. Company ngiep Saigon with the motto:


Saigon Industrial Company is providing sanitation services for projects in: Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, Tay Ninh, Long An and neighboring provinces.

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Floor Types Marble, Granite, Marble ... when put to use at a later time will be porous stone, the color degradation due to friction movement and the influence of the acid from food or chemicals ... sanitary losing sheen, luxurious stone's inherent. Normally marble floors, granite, marble stone after a few years of use will be degraded. Therefore, the optimal solution is to use polished marble floors, granite, marble or stone floors Restoration to do rock shine back.

Saigon Industrial Company specializes in polished stone floors with polished stone technology leading in Vietnam along with machinery, tools, chemical polishing stone imported from advanced countries in the world such as Germany, USA , England, ... stone floor of customers will return to do a polished appearance exalted elegance of the building.

Illustrations: san dam polishing service khả, granite
 Process for polishing stone floors Services

 1.Danh glossy stone floors, stone floors Restoration

_ Natural Stone: Being exploited in the wild and be sawn into pieces with thicknesses and different size, can be polished or textured. Used for flooring, lobby, corridors, stairs, staircase, walls, columns, pedestals of sanitary equipment.

1) Marble luxury inherent stones (limestone, marble, sourced metamorphic metasediments): inferior hardness (3/10 in size point Mohs) and constitute more porous rocks Granite easier to wear and more prone to dirt repellent. There are many colors and often create patterned textured stone. Marble often fluctuate much in color, so naturally between different batches of ice.

2) Granite, Basalt (granite, igneous rock origin): Basically, Granite, Basalt was formed from lava, under the highly compressed earth's crust should have a very high hardness (points 7/10 in size Mohs), if the surface is polished to mirror-like. Form crystal structure, few colors and patterns, and often the same color between batches of ice

 _ Stone artificial: also made from natural stone powder, over the course of a chemical reaction to produce the binder, pressed into artificial rocks. Stone artificial colorings ordinary people and so stone mimicking some natural marble, artificial stone should mention also called Artificial Marble. Artificial stone, hard as marble natural stone color and more uniform pattern of natural stone. Normally there are three ways produce artificial stone for the different product characteristics.

1) Artificial stones Pressed live: ie stone powder, through a chemical reaction to squeeze into artificial ice blocks, rocks rich colors, bright, matching paneled interior items such as wallpaper, tolet, countertop, wall decor ...

2) Press nine Artificial stone: ie stone powder through chemical reaction plus baked at high temperatures, very hard rocks, baseball scratch resistant, durable color, can better natural stone However, it is possible both interior and exterior tiles.

3) Type casting artificial stone: stone powder and some chemicals, baked at high temperatures, but not squashed rock bar, which cast directly into stone panels (slap) good gloss, hard, fit both interior and exterior tiles.

Skin polishing service san marble, granite polishing service reef restoration looms bricks (ceamic tiles, granite tiles coated rolls, tiles, ...)

Nature stone materials

- Marble prone to scratches and stains due to movement caused. The color of the rock is mainly due to the metal oxide in the composition of rocks make up, so the stone will lose color when chemicals or acidic chlorine bleach soaked down the rock face.

- Stone very high hardness and good abrasion resistance so often used in places where many people pass by.

Principle polished stone

Depending on the condition of the surface of polished stone that service decides stone polishing methods.
If the surface is too old, deep scratches, lost luster absolutely need to tear down the old stone layer created by means of physical friction pad or diamond plate.
Using chemical polishing stone to do football.

Illustrations: san dam polishing service khả, granite
Note when performing polished marble floor, grabite, marble

Due to the grain structure rock stone so if no protective layer, the dirt will penetrate into the rock surface. Very slippery when wet floor, so when wet mop floors must have warning signs.
Need to distinguish accurately with marble granite, as well as discrimination with ceramic tiles, granite tiles, porcelain tiles.
Before using chemicals, must try before somewhere hidden to see chemicals damaging the surface of stone or not.
 2. Service polished stone floor equipment, chemicals


Scrubber restored stone
Vacuum cleaners, domestic
Pad black, red, white or diamond wheels.
Chemicals (Dedicated to date from the European import)

3. Process of implementation: Service polished marble floor, granite

Step 1: Preparation

Special signs
Preparing the stone floor polishing machines, pad: black, pink, white.
Vacuum cleaner
Step 2: Evaluation of surface rock and raiding stone floor surfaces

Breaking the old class polishing scratches, transparent, lost luster. Grinding stones were flashing away canh.lam for floor flat surface like a
Removing old dirty black ron, ron make way for new and better using special glue. Glue will prevent stains and polish the ball on the ice.
Step 3: Polished stone floor with chemicals

Using specialized putty for stone polishing machines combined with rubbing them on the ice. Chemicals will react with epoxy glue stone and rock have created for shiny surfaces such as coated with a mirror.
Step 4: Waterproofing

- Using chemicals to prevent water resistant and dirt repellent into rock enhances longevity.

Step 5: Cleaning the stone floor

- Using chemicals to neutralize and clean the entire chemicals, dirt remaining in the polishing process.

 Polished marble floors, granite, marble, stone floors Restoration .CNSG wish customers get luxury stone floors, shiny as new air to be able to defend his work.

And please leave the service of CNSG polished stone floor help you with that. Sincere thanks and warmest regards!

Illustrations: Recovery marble floor, granite, marble, ...
The Benefits of using the service polished marble, granite

Recovering stone floor, polished marble floors, granite, marble works CNSG brings, interior, exterior, clean utensils ... the attention to detail on the basis of in-depth understanding of the sector sanitary, sanitary equipment, chemical detergents.

polished marble floors, granite, marble, stone floors Restoration, CNSG We always continuous improvement and application of the latest technological advances in order to perform cleaning services.

 Recovering stone floor, polished marble floors, granite, marble ... CNSG have workers, skilled technicians, professionals in the field of family care, office, industrial. So you will not worry long construction time, affect your progress. All staff CNSG duty at work with agile behavior, polite and enthusiastic in their work. During the work, cleaning staff always uniform, wear a name tag, carrying protective clothing to do the job.

 polished marble floors, granite, marble, stone floors Restoration ... CNSG has supplied specialized sanitation machines, performance and efficiency. Thereby minimizing the cost of the service. Creating competitive price.

 Recovering stone floor, polished marble floors, granite, marble, ... CNSG use specific chemicals and environmentally friendly. The chemicals have been registered with the Ministry of Health of Vietnam on safety when used.


Company CNSG made cleaning processes with good, clever to maximize work performance of machinery and equipment, chemicals humans. The process is drawn from the practical experience of partners, suppliers, and the projects that were implemented CNSG


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Carpet cleaning
Cleaning sofa
Service Scrubber
total sanitation services
Home-cleaning services
Industrial cleaning services
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