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   First of all, Co., Ltd. - Saigon Industrial DV glasses greetings health, success, happiness and thank sincerely to customers who have been and will trust, support, cooperation and use the services of the company.

Dear Guest, Saigon Industrial Company is a unit with many years of experience in the field of Mable stone polishers, Granite and maintenance of stone flooring today.

   Stone is a durable material, resistant to the effects of the environment in the long run. Besides the stone products on the market today are very diverse patterns, colors and designs, they are widely used in architecture to add beauty and elegance and class for each of the submit.

Saigon Industrial Company is providing services Mable polished stone floors, granite for the Agenda at:

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   However, like any other construction materials, after a certain period of use without maintenance routine maintenance of stone surfaces will experience symptoms stained, scratched, lost luster reduced natural beauty of stone.

   Therefore, the care and maintenance of stone flooring properly close a very important role in maintaining the beauty and longevity of stone.

   With experience and his understanding, Saigon Industrial Company is proud to be a professional unit in finding solutions to the most efficient and economical to handle incidents of stone. With a team of skilled employees, have passed training courses, along with mechanical systems, equipment and modern imported chemicals. We will give you the best service.

   Our goal is to provide customers san skin polishing service and maintenance professional stone floor, satisfying the needs and give confidence to customers. Gives you a working environment, a healthy living space, clean and comfortable.

Illustrations: skin polishing service san marble, granite

   Saigon Industrial Company is providing stone floor polishing services for projects in: Ho Chi Minh City (District 1, Villas Thao Dien District 2, District 3, District 4, Q. 5, 6, Phu My Hung, District 7, District 8, Villas District 9, District 10, District 11, District 12, Binh Thanh District, Binh Tan, Tan Phu District, Hoc Mon), Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, Da Nang and neighboring provinces.

  Typical customers:

 - City: Hotel Niko, Caravelle, Military Bank, Apartment Thevista Zone, Tan San Nhat Parkson Building, Resettlement Sites Nha Factory, Vinh Tuong, Cu Chi Hospital, Golf Gold Tan Son Nhat Anna Building Buildings, Residential Condominium The eastern complex, ...

 - Pacific: The company apparel Rich, Confectionery Company, University of Agriculture and Forestry, the company Theodore Alexander, ...

 - Dong Nai province Dong Nai Golf gold, College of Medicine, Dong Nai, Plastics Co., ...

 - Vung Tau Vung Tau VSP Group, Posco Vietnam Company, Company CS WIN Phu My, Vung Tau Airport, ...

 - Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, Da Nang: Resorts Patala, Phan Thiet Ocean Dunes, KS Liberty Systems - LIBERTY, Nha Trang Center, ...

 We are committed to delivering real value of the service, satisfying the needs and trust from customers.

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1 - Marble (Marble) Mable skin polishers

   Its major component is calcium (of crystalline calcium carbonate, CaCO3) .Da Marble has long been appreciated by the beauty and resistance to fire, the diversity in terms of finished products as well as demonstrate the luxury of a marble works so often used in the large lobby or walls and pillars in the great works as the senior buildings, famous buildings to luxury villas.

   In terms of hardness, hardness Marble Granite is not as high (point size 3/10 in Mohs) the nature porous, soft and porous than granite. So, if not handled carefully waterproofing long run waterproof and dust and discoloration, loss of original beauty and elegance of stone.

  Floor Polishing Marble flooring senior (Artwork)

    In the Vietnamese market is currently in vogue some Marbel rock follows: white Carara (Italy), Volakas (Greece, Italy), Royal White (China), Gold Egypt (Egypt), Kream Marfil (Spain Houses), Dark Emperado (Spain), Light Emparedo (Turkey), ...

2 - Granite (Granite) Granite skin polishers

As natural stones are formed by the metamorphism of limestone, dolomite rock Carbonate or stone. The process of re-crystallization metamorphism of sedimentary rocks to form ice crystals and so alternating each other. Because the crystal texture, high hardness granite (7/10 in size point Mohs) and impermeable, if the surface is polished to mirror-like, can slice in the subject position scratches, abrasion, such as stairways, floors, facades ...

polished marble floor (illustration)

   In the Vietnam market now prevalent some Granite follows: Black Kim sa (India), Red Brazil (India), Brown UK (India), conch (Norway), Black Hue (China ), Purple Mongolia (China), White Stream wipe (Vietnam), Black Phu Yen (Vietnam), Red Binh Dinh (Vietnam) ....

3 - Artificial Stone (rock culture) Artificial skin polishers

As stones are made from a mixture of natural stone 2/3 and 1/3 mineral acrylic glue (Methyl Methacrylate) and Alumina trihydrate (aluminum hyroxit Al (OH) 3 and colorings. It is capable of bending and flexibility when heated to 1500C temperature and allows the manipulated create special design. It is used primarily for applications in ngha kitchen, office as countertops, stovetops, counter transactions. Due to special very good resistance to moisture so it can be used in wall applications.


  Artificial stone floor polishing (Artwork)

      Today, Marble and Granite is very common in the design of buildings because of its superior properties are created for architectural beauty but equally classic elegance, class. However, over a period marble and stone used Granhite will also encounter some problems, such as being porous, stain, scratched due to friction during movement; corroded by chemicals acidic cleaners such as glass cleaner, toilet water bath, floor cleaner and they are also prone to corrosion because the fruit juices are acidic as lemon juice, vinegar, ... All these issues will make stone loses shine and beauty to its original elegance.

      Therefore, service and maintenance polished stone floor of Saigon Industrial Company was established with the mission to handle issues that customers stone faces. With an understanding of the rocks, with a staff of enthusiastic, experienced, along with chemicals and machinery imported modern Saigon Industrial Company is proud to be a professional unit to find out solutions and most cost effective to handle incidents stone flooring for you. Steps from work survey, assessing the situation to process polishing and maintenance of stone flooring polished service and maintenance of our stone flooring are implemented stringent professional and will pay back to the stone floor luxury beauty inherent.



1, survey and assess the status of rock surface

Depending on the condition of the ice surface that service and maintenance polished stone floor of our company will decide the method most suitable polish.

If too old stone surface, deep scratches, loss of gloss, it must completely demolished old stone layer created by means of physical friction pad or diamond plate.

Then, using the chemical polishing of stone to make stone shiny back.

2, Process implementation Mable polished stone floors, granite

Step 1: Preparation

- Vacuum cleaners, water.

- Scrubber Weightlifting

- Chemical

- Floor Pad

- Grinding diamond

- Hand Grinder

Step 2: Perform

Breaking the ice surface gets scratched, lost luster. Grinding the stones were flashing edge (if necessary).
Removing old ron dirty, black, new neurons are created and beautiful way than using special glue (such glues will prevent dirt and soccer ball when hit).
Use putty dedicated rock combined with polished stone surfaces rub them. Chemicals will react with epoxy glue stone and rock have created for shiny surfaces such as stone coated with a mirror.
Using chemicals to prevent water resistant and dirt repellent into rock enhances the longevity and brilliance to the stone.
Using chemicals to neutralize and clean, vacuum the entire chemical residual dust during polishing.
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