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Saigon Industry Corporation would like to introduce our customers with carpet cleaning services, cleaning chairs perfectly. With a team of skilled staff, have been trained, with mechanical systems, equipment and chemicals imported from Europe. The Company ngiep Saigon hygiene motto: "Quality service is always top priority!" Saigon Industrial Company is providing sanitation services for projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai , Binh Duong, Vung Tau, and the neighboring provinces. 
 Our goal is to provide customers the best cleaning services to satisfy the needs and meet your expectations vi.Cam to bring customers a healthy work environment, a living space and the most comfortable working!


Hình minh họa : Dịch vụ giặt thảm

Illustrations: carpet cleaning

• Carpet: is a top choice for luxury seems to glorify the house, office, ... you. Moreover, the longer carpets create a cozy feeling, clean, aesthetic and family offices, ... of you. 
=> Through a process used to make the carpet surface dirty, do not clean the carpet dry, rough, and portable making it more resilient carpet not like the new time, it can make you hard subject, not collective work trtung affect concentration, creativity and affect health and find some remnants khac.Voi hazardous carpet cleaning service (depending on type) will make the surface clean carpet will create elasticity, anti-raw and rough, creating a cool surface drainage clear, for each activity on the surface of the floor is the most natural. 
    1. Implementing rules carpet cleaning services: 
Depending on the materials you choose carpet hygiene methods, tools and various chemicals.

- Carpets cotton: cotton material allows the use of conventional carpet cleaning chemicals to clean carpets however still need to ensure not too long soak in the solution carpet cleaning carpet rugs to avoid shrinking. 
Cotton and artificial silk rugs are made cellulosic fibers. Most cellulosic fibers prone to discoloration if not making carpets dry quickly after washing or carpet cleaning chemicals used alkaline. 
- Carpet Wool: Wool is a material made vulnerable by the detergent acid concentrations, high pH, wool rugs must be washed in the chemicals have refined low pH (5.0 - 7.5), and must combines fast drying (so as to avoid making carpet cleaning carpet deformation). 
- Silk Carpets: natural silk material does not allow long washing in water, so you need to apply dry method (note: do not use direct heat drying carpets as well as direct sunlight more ... 
- Synthetic Carpet (synthetic fibers) shall comply with the manufacturer's instructions to choose the best cleaning method. Absolutely do not use bath soap, laundry detergent, dishwashing water or any household cleaners to carry out carpet cleaning. Only use carpet cleaning chemicals and hygiene from the supplier to the professional carpet cleaning implemented. Another note is for cleaning carpet cleaner, so vacuuming carpets and rinsed before washing.


Hình minh họa : giặt thảm

Illustrations: carpet cleaning

  3. Equipment, carpet cleaning chemicals 
       Equipment: Carpet Cleaning, wheels mounted on a soft brush 
Vacuum cleaners, water, speculum 
Blower carpet 
Hand brush, spray arm (small); 
Buckets liquid chemicals. Wipes, latex gloves

Chemicals: Chemical cleaning, mattress cleaning chemicals less foam, foam carpet cleaning chemicals, ... 
I. The Benefits of using "carpet cleaning services" 
  With the motto "REAL CLEANING SERVICE" 
Saigon Industrial Company has a team of workers, skilled technicians, professional training and instruction of experts, and also with many years of experience working in the field of carpet cleaning toilet. So you will not worry about long construction time, affecting your progress. 
Carpet cleaning Saigon Industrial Company: provides specialized machines hygiene, performance and efficiency. Thereby minimizing the cost of service. Create reasonable price competitive, the cost base you spend not in vain 
  Saigon Industrial Company uses specialized chemicals and environmentally friendly. These chemicals have been registered with the Ministry of Health Vietnam safety protection when using dung.Dam not affect health as well as your environment. 
Carpet cleaning company CNSG done with the process professional, modern, smart, very dark in order to improve the performance of the machine work, equipment, people, chemicals. The process is concluded from the practical experience of professionals, vendors, and projects that the company has done 
Company Saigon Industrial hygiene packages are diverse, therefore, customers simply select one of the following services: 
• Industrial Hygiene 
• Cleaning after construction 
• Sanitation services after construction 
• Office Cleaning Services 
• Hygiene workshops 
• Stone floor restoration services 
• Services polished stone floor 
• Service recovery ship brick 
• carpet cleaning 
• Laundry sofa 
• Service Scrubber 
• General cleaning services 
• home-cleaning services 
• Industrial Cleaning Services 
• Service wipe glass office building 
• Service wipe the glass skyscrapers 
• Services of general plant hygiene 
• Industrial Hygiene 
• Cleaning after construction 
• carpet cleaning 
• carpet cleaning office 
• Laundry mattress 
• Laundry Service office chair 
• cleaning blinds, screens, flute ... 
• Provide daily magazine (floor cleaner, glass cleaner, junk scanner, scans cobwebs, cleaning toilets, carpet cleaning, cleaning of the corridor, stairs, elevators ... With the team, professional, be full directions available on job skills, professional hygiene and a sense of responsibility in their work.

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