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Saigon Industrial Company is providing sanitation services for projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, and the neighboring provinces.

 With Our goal is to provide customers the best cleaning services to satisfy the needs and to give confidence to the customers. Gives customers a healthy work environment, friendly living space and the most comfortable working.


Hình minh họa : dịch vụ lau kính

Illustrations: glass cleaner service 
Dear wipe Services, Alu, Stone, Aluminum: Most buildings are glass, Alu, showed elegance, clean and airy space dang.Ngoai architectural problems it creates a luxurious look , and the plastic arts agency for both projects. 
Through a process due to the use of the external environment: sun, rain, dust, environmental pollution, the system outside of buildings, factories, ... including glass, Alu, stone mold, dim, dirty, and day will wipe oxidation. so wipe glass services inside and outside of the building is a work indispensable. 
Wipe Business Services building, factory, wipe the glass ... inside, outside, wipe alu buildings, factories, buildings, building ...


  Illustrations: glass cleaner service 
Includes: Wipe glass, alu, aluminum, stone facade, Clean windows, glass facade, tall wall Wash, ... 
1. Glass cleaner service buildings buildings, factories, ... 
Term service glass: For high-rise buildings, hotels or buildings have walls or glass area inside & out great, cleaning, maintenance requires specialized equipment such as the system scales, and full staff training presentation copies with work experience. Thus the glass surface will be cleaned as well as ensuring complete safety.

Saigon Industry Corporation we will help you clean stains on glass surfaces caused by acid rain, ... or the dirt left in the building process as glue stains, paint stick on surface water glass or aluminum frame ... After the job is complete, the glass surface will become shiny and clean throughout. 


Illustrations: glass cleaner service 3 
Saigon Industry Corporation: ensure safety and quality of services, glass cleaning outside the building shall be conducted only when favorable weather conditions (no rain, thunderstorms, hurricanes ...) 
  2. Equipment, chemicals wipe the entire glass high-rise, high-rise. 
Equipment: Use special equipment, such as ladders transport equipment (gondola), rope equipment (rope gear system), elevators (hydraulic lift). Ministry dedicated glass cleaner, clean towels, blades, buckets, ladders (high chair). 
The chemical cleaning glass frames, glass cleaning chemical, glass cleaning chemical markers 
Industry Company personnel Saigon fully equipped labor protection standards of the Labor Code of Vietnam (shoes, slippers, gloves, helmets and cleaning tools ...). Cleaning staff are divided into different cases, carry out to ensure continuous progress. 
  3. Glass cleaner process skyscrapers buildings. 
 Saigon Industry Corporation Gondola Use a glass cleaner every vertical from above or use the Gondola run around the building and proceed to clean the glass on each floor 
 Prepare 
 Installation and safety inspection of sanitary equipment. 
 Put signs. 
 Move furniture or canvas covered water. 
Crude Hygiene 
• Use the razor paint, glue, silicone ... stick on the frame and on the glass. - 
• Cleaning chemical sash 
• Phase Chemical sash at the rate appropriate. 
• Clean the glass frame: dusting brush paint, towels and chemicals 
Cleaning glass cleaner 
• Wet glass with special solutions. 
• Use wet wipes to use glass or glass aerosol hand spray or rub tree embedded buckets chemical solution and then rub along the horizontal Thickener from the top down to the end of the glass. 
• Putting glass: Glass-gotten used under 1 in 4 ways: push along, horizontally brushed, brushed or brushed under the right angle shape Thickener along the horizontal from the top down. While brushed, inclined blades hold 450 compared to the glass, do not lift up the blade to blade always pressed to the glass. Wipe blades dry with a towel after every cast. 
• After brushed finish, use a dry cloth to wipe around the edges of the glass. 
• Clean the glass from a glass on down to the bottom. 
  wipe business services 
Wipe economic principles buildings 
• Wipe the glass must be cleaned from the highest to the lowest place 
• Depending on the condition of the glass surface, alu, stone, aluminum mop service business that decides to wipe methods. 
• Use chemical polishing stone to football. 
  The Benefits of using the service building glass cleaner. 
Glass Cleaner Services Industry Saigon brings work, interior, exterior, clean utensils ... the attention to detail on the basis of in-depth knowledge in the field of sanitation, protection devices biological or chemical cleaners. 
Saigon Industry Corporation We are always continuous improvement and application of the latest technological advances to implement sanitation service building glass cleaner. 
Saigon Industry Corporation has a team of workers, skilled technicians, professional care in family, office, industrial factories. So you will not worry about long construction time, affecting your progress. CNSG All staff on duty at style works fast, courteous and enthusiastic in their work. During work, cleaning staff always uniform, wear badges, carry protective gear to do the job. 
Saigon Industry Corporation uses special chemical glass cleaner and environmentally friendly. These chemicals have been registered with the Ministry of Health of Vietnam on safety when using.

Glass Cleaner Services Industry Saigon shown with hygiene procedures, intelligence to maximize the performance of the work machinery and equipment, chemicals humans. The process is concluded from the practical experience of our partners, suppliers, and projects that have made CNSG

Saigon Industry Corporation packages sanitation services are diverse, therefore, customers simply select one of the following services: 
• Cleaning Services 
• Glass Cleaner Services 
• Industrial Hygiene 
• Housing Cleaning Services 
• Sanitation services after construction 
• Office Cleaning Services 
• Factory Cleaning Services 
• Stone floor restoration services 
• Services polished stone floor 
• Service recovery ship brick 
• carpet cleaning 
• Laundry sofa 
• Service Scrubber 
• General cleaning services 
• home-cleaning services 
• Industrial Cleaning Services 
• Service wipe glass office building 
• Services of general plant hygiene 
• Industrial Hygiene 
• Cleaning after construction 
• Service wipe the glass skyscrapers 
• Laundry mattress 
• Laundry Service office chair 
• cleaning blinds, screens, flute ...

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