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CNSG is one of the leading companies in the field provided: 
industrial hygiene services & distribution of industrial cleaning equipment.

 CNSG With 10 years of experience as one of the leading companies in the field provided: industrial hygiene services & distributor of industrial cleaning equipment 

- To ensure a healthy work environment clean, airy and modern. With the method of providing services with reasonable prices, professional staff skilled plus specialized machinery and equipment modernization, CNSG always ready to meet all your needs for clean fresh customers. 
A. Cleaning Services: 
CNSG have workers, skilled technicians, professional in the field: 
- General Services sanitary housing, offices, restaurants, hotels, commercial areas, hospitals, schools, sanitary construction, building sanitary buildings, high-rise glass cleaner, toilet entire buildings-buildings, wipe the glass surface, wipe the glass facade buildings associated with the cleaning kits, supplies, building interiors such as seats cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing brick, stone scrubber, maintenance, ... 
- Polished Marble flooring (marble), polished granite flooring (marble), floor restoration marble, granite, floor polishing service marble, granite, tile shadow vessel, floor polishing stones, sharpening concrete, polished concrete floors, glossy floor types (brick, stone, wood, ..) ... 
B. Distribution of machinery for cleaning: 
With the motto: "Quality service is always top priority"! 
We only provide our customers with machinery superior quality, reputable products on the domestic market and the world: The Class Hiclean, Fiorentini, Viper, Lavor, TEKLIFE, NUMATIC, alto NILFISK , ... 
- Industrial cleaning machines. 
- Vacuum Cleaner. 
- Scrubber. 
- Floor polishers. 
- Pressure sprayer 
- Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. 
- Industrial Vacuum Cleaners dry and wet (2000 -> 3600W). 
- Versatile Auto scrubbers (175 cycles / min). 
- Combined Auto scrubbers. 
- Fans blowing the carpet (3 speed). 
- Car sweeper. 
- Car juice. 
And many more ... 
Rest assured when you use our products for: 
- Goods are genuine imported from Europe, Asia. 
- Warranty 18 months -> 24 months. 
- Always have replacement parts. 
Our motto is: - To satisfy the diverse needs of customers. 
                                                   - A quick resolution of customer complaints. 
                                                   - Improve service quality continuously. 
                                                   - Creating business value of customers. 
                                                   - Contributing to create living and working environments clean. 
We believe in making our customers happy. 
When required please contact us: 
We are always ready to serve you with teamwork and the highest responsibility. 
Please contact telephone numbers: 0962.16.39.79 or 0906.802.639 (24/24)


Unit 1: 54/19A Quang Trung Ward 11, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City 
Unit 2: 37 Le Loi Street, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau 
Tel: (08) 22 20 79 68-6289 4086 _ Fax: (08) 62,894,096 
Website: www.congnghiepsaigon.com, www.vesinhcongnghiepsg.com 
Email: binh@congnghiepsaigon.com