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Due to the current demand environment becomes imperative, especially working environment, should enhance the ability to create as well as the capacity to understand the essential conditions of the modern equipment and the environment in clean healthy. So our company to customers to reduce time, save money and improve your productivity will increase len.Cong Saigon Industry Corporation would like to introduce to you a service

1. Preliminary introduction of company 
• Saigon Industrial Company is specialized industrial cleaning services. With a team of skilled staff, have been trained, with mechanical systems, equipment and chemicals imported from Asia au.Truoc embarking on the work we will send people to the actual survey, held situation began to make plans and the most appropriate price. CNSG sanitation services with the motto: "Quality service is always top priority!" Industrial Services Co., Saigon is providing sanitation services for projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, and the neighboring provinces. 
• Saigon Industrial is committed to service that our customers are completely fire service and quality parts nhat.Gop create living and working environments Green - Clean - Beautiful.

- Industrial hygiene services, sanitary housing, office cleaning services, restaurants, hotels, commercial areas, hospitals, schools, sanitary construction, high-rise building toilet, wipe the glass high-rise buildings, the entire building toilet, wipe the glass surface, wipe the glass facade comes complete with cleaning utensils, supplies, furniture inside the building (if any) as: washing chair , mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile scrubber, scrubber stone, maintenance, ... 2. Hygiene services company 

- Polished Marble flooring (marble), polished granite flooring (marble), Recovery marble floors, granite, tile ship looms, polishing stone floors, concrete grinding, polished concrete floors, covered gloss flooring (tile, stone, wood, ..) ... 
- Provide daily magazine (mop, glass cleaner, garbage scanner, scans cobwebs, cleaning toilets, cleaning of the corridor, stair lifts ... with a team of professional staff, the complete guide communication skills, professional hygiene and a sense of responsibility in their work. goal is to provide our customers the best cleaning services to satisfy the needs toilet and give confidence to with customers 
Process for cleaning after construction 
Stairs, stairwells: 
• - garbage collection, sweeping, vacuuming 
• - Clean hands bay system, scrub the stairs 
• - mop up the wall, cleaning debris and rubbish after construction 
• - bleaching the yellow stain stick on tile, stone, stair steps


• Garbage collection, sweeping, vacuuming 
• Clean the door, scrub the wall wool 
• Use a chemical scrubber combined list of stains on the floor 
• Clean the toilet, lababo, toilet, wall construction 
• clean the baffles inside and outside toilet 
glass cleaner 
• Hygiene crude: Using chemical, clean razor glue, silicon, glass frames on sale 
• Wet the glass with a wet cloth or spray combined with specialized chemical cleaning 
glass, use of specialized equipment to wipe the glass clean from top-down 
• Use a professional glass bar brushed brushed clean of dirt that wipe the dirty glass 
• After finishing brushed dry towel to wipe the edges but not to push the process 
• Clean the glass each row from top to bottom from right to left or vice versa.

Cleaning the floor: 
• sweeping, garbage collection, and use a vacuum cleaner sucking the dirt on the floor. 
• Use a scrubber unit (hard rub wheels, mounted wheels bad), combined with specialized chemicals to clean the dirt stains on the floor, the friction of the cleaning water table stood up, only, Peddler long day. 
• Use a vacuum cleaner to suck water through the dirty water scrubbers on the general cleaning up. 
• Use special tools, chemicals mops wipe plucking machine back rub chalk that up to not smoking. 
• Use dedicated tools, dry towel to wipe the floor surface 
• Floor area hollow and empty scrubber Use Complex multipurpose water available and contains chemicals like cleaning scrubber unit but should not reabsorbed as versatile scrubber scrub just finished our dirty substance push it automatically sucked into 
• Use special tools, chemicals mops wipe plucking machine back rub chalk that up to not smoking.

• Sanitary Company after Saigon Industrial building offers space for building a clean, airy top to bottom, inside and out, making home, your building is flooded with fresh poetic scene In the morning and fresh


 Illustrations: cleaning services 

Industrial hygiene services and general routine is usually done with work recently completed construction; general hygiene routine after work time used 4 months, 6 months, 12 months; or to prepare or clean up a milestone of the building such as housewarming, opening, wedding, year end party, special event ... 
Company Saigon Industrial Hygiene gives the building a thorough clean from top to bottom, inside and out, and all the furniture inside. Returned to the new building initially, making the scenery becomes beautiful, bright, clean and fresh. 
1. The benefits when using Saigon Industry Corporation. 
• With the motto "Cleaning Services truest" 
• Sanitation services company CNSG brings work, interior, exterior, clean utensils ... the attention to detail on the basis of in-depth knowledge in the field of hygiene, sanitation equipment, chemicals detergents. We are constantly improving and applying the latest technological advances to implement sanitation services.

• Industrial Hygiene CNSG company has a team of workers, technicians, skilled professional in the field of sanitation. So you will not worry about long construction time, affecting your progress. All Industry Company personnel on duty in Saigon in style works fast, courteous and enthusiastic in their work. During work, cleaning staff always carry industrial uniforms, wearing badges, bring protective gear to do the job.

• Sanitary Industrial Co., Saigon has provided specialized machine hygiene, performance and efficiency. Thereby minimizing the cost of service. Creating a competitive price. Using special chemicals and environmentally friendly. These chemicals have been registered with the Ministry of Health of Vietnam on safety when using.

• Company Saigon Industrial hygiene procedures with professional, smart to maximize the performance of the work machinery and equipment, chemicals humans. The process is concluded from the practical experience of professionals, vendors, and projects that the company has done. 
INDUSTRIAL COMPANY SAIGON packages sanitation services are varied, so, customers simply select one of the following services:

• Cleaning Services 
• Industrial Hygiene 
• Sanitation services after construction 
• Office Cleaning Services 
• Factory Cleaning Services 
• Stone floor restoration services 
• Services polished stone floor 
• Service recovery ship brick 
• carpet cleaning 
• Laundry sofa 
• Service Scrubber 
• General cleaning services 
• home-cleaning services 
• Industrial Cleaning Services 
• Service wipe glass office building 
• Service wipe the glass skyscrapers 
• Services of general plant hygiene 
• Industrial Hygiene 
• Cleaning after construction 
• Laundry mattress 
• Laundry Service office chair 
• cleaning blinds, screens, flute ...

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