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sanitary housing, Housing

Sanitation services in cleaning your lovely house by house cleaning service from A - Z Clean your house more beautiful than white light. 
1. Preliminary introduction of company 
• Saigon Industrial Company is specialized industrial services. With a team of skilled staff, have been trained, with mechanical systems, modern equipment and chemicals imported from Europe. CNSG sanitation services activities with the motto: "sanitation services most authentic 
• Industrial Services Company Saigon is providing sanitation services for projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, and other neighboring provinces. 
• Saigon Industrial is committed to service that our customers are completely fire service and quality parts nhat.Gop create living and working environments Green - Clean - Beautiful.

Hình minh họa : vệ sinh nhà ở, nhà cửa

Illustrations: sanitary housing, housing 
We introduce the following services: 
The service pack sanitary housing, housing 
- PRESENTATION OVERVIEW: Helps you to clean up the whole house general hygiene to prepare for the event in the family (such as weddings, asked, preparing for Tet ...). With service pack toilet house, this house, your house will be cleaned overall only takes a short period of time. 
- FLEXIBLE PACKAGE: residential sanitation services, housing depending on customer needs. CNSG provides residential cleaning services including special 
Dental hygiene services in 
• Cleaning Floors: brick, stone, wood ...: scrubbing, bleaching, overshadowed by the type of chemical floor scrubber consistent and versatile. 
• Clean toilet hygiene, cleaning, equipment cleaning and deodorizing toilet. 
• Clean ceiling, toilet and dusting cobwebs soffits, cleaning around ... 
• Sanitation cleaning walls, cleaning the wall, the wall, the range soiled. 
• Cleaning wooden door, glass door & window glass inside and outside ... 
• Clean up the stairs, clean & wipe the ladder, railing ... 
• Kitchen: cleaning grease, rust kitchen. 
• polishing marble, granite (marble) ... 
• Recovery polishing brick, stone 
• Ship fringe brick, red brick ... 
• carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress ... 
• Clean indoor air, ... 
• Flush the fence walls, gates, hallways of ... 
sanitary housing, housing - family CNSG hope that you find the service pack suit your requirements. 


Hình minh họa : vệ sinh nhà ở, nhà cửa

  Illustrations: sanitary housing services, housing 
  2. The benefits of using the service 
sanitary housing, Housing - CNSG bring to work, interior, exterior, materials ... the clean, cool to detail on the basis of in-depth knowledge in the field of hygiene, equipment sanitary, chemical cleaners. 
sanitary housing, Housing CNSG We always continuous improvement and application of the latest technological advances to implement sanitation services, in order to save time effort and money as well as your 
CNSG company is providing professional cleaning machines, high performance and efficiency. Thereby minimizing the cost of service. Create a reasonable price. 
CNSG company uses professional chemical and environmental friendly, harmless to health. These chemicals have been registered with the Ministry of Health Vietnam for safety before use. 
sanitary housing, Housing - CNSG: hygiene practices with the strict process, fast, intelligent to maximize production efficiency bu of machinery, equipment, people, and chemicals. The process is concluded from the practical experience and the experiences of experts, vendors, and projects that the company has implemented sanitation CNSG 
Sanitation services in CNSG: with many diverse service packs, so you only need to work with one company to solve all of the following: 
We are always ready to provide detailed information and explain all your questions related to customer quotation and need to use our services. 
3. Implementation Process sanitary housing services include the following steps: 
Step 1: Prepare sanitary housing, Housing 
Focusing equipment, cleaning machines at a location in the works, check the last number before bringing the equipment works planned 
Transfer equipment, machinery cleaning up the top floor and proceed according to the process hygiene born last step projection from top to bottom.


Hình minh họa : vệ sinh nhà ở, nhà cửa

Illustrations: sanitary housing, housing 
  Step 2: sanitary housing, Housing crude 
Hygiene crude before clearing and construction waste and vacuum cleaner before cleaning and conducting preliminary details here are sanitary waste products build after they withdrew from the project. 
These materials are scanned, put into the bag for compact, carry barrels gathering prescribed place of work or floor and each room from top to bottom. To do this work done to complete construction. 
Phase chemical test chemicals (by increasing the rate and should be done in the corners), mixed in accordance with manufacturer's rate. 
  Step 3: sanitary fixtures and equipment in the 
sanitary housing, Housing: Implementation of sanitation services in detail from top to bottom, from inside out, and every nook and niche include: lighting, wool wall, door, door frame, hallway 
* Note: if the item works as glass, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, carpet, plastic ... need to comply with sanitation. 
Step 4: toilet floor 
sanitary housing, depending on the type of floor Buildings, natural stone, marble, granite or tile floor board, floor tiles, floor hardener, concrete floor, wood floor ... that conducts sanitary manner best suited. 
Prior to moving to clean all equipment and tools are not necessary to the next floor. 
Hygiene practices and complete the next stage of the process as the previous step. 
  Step 5: Cleaning house: handover and acceptance 
Handover (acceptance) of each item, each room, each floor to represent investors or investors to avoid the toilet several times. 
Building after building has been completed but there are some basic items interior unfinished as: fitted curtains, beds, wardrobes, entertainment devices ... should have caused the toilet does not meet schedule agreed to work with investors beginning and investors must take extra toilet again. 
  Step 6: quality control and hygiene 
  Final testing the whole project, the test should be watched at different angles (especially glass, stone flooring, tile, wood types ..., toilet, wool wall, kitchen ...) 
  Step 7: test the whole project 
sanitary housing, Housing Commissioning work is recorded what was done and finished acknowledged only work when the table is a signatory acceptance of customers (or their representatives investment). 
  4. Machines, equipment and chemicals used in sanitary housing, Housing 
Equipment, tools and Chemicals: 
• Sanitary ware industry: scrubber, vacuum cleaners, water absorption, dry blowers 
• Tools for professional cleaning dusters, cast glass, wipers, car trolley ... 
• Use chemicals industrial cleaning: chemical scrubber, chemical toilet cleaning, carpet cleaning chemicals, cleaning chemicals and chairs, glass cleaning chemicals ... chemicals that have been certified by the specialized agencies. not use chemicals affect humans and the environment

Company CNSG packages sanitation services are diverse, therefore, customers simply select one of the following services: 
• sanitary housing, Housing 
• Sanitation services after construction 
• Office Cleaning Services 
• Factory Cleaning Services 
• Stone floor restoration services 
• Services polished stone floor 
• Service recovery ship brick 
• carpet cleaning 
• Laundry sofa 
• Service Scrubber 
• General cleaning services 
• home-cleaning services 
• Industrial Cleaning Services 
• Service wipe glass office building 
• Service wipe the glass skyscrapers 
• Services of general plant hygiene 
• Industrial Hygiene 
• Cleaning after construction 
• Laundry mattress 
• Laundry Service office chair 
• cleaning blinds, screens, flute ...

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